Saturday, August 28, 2010

1st Day Of Kindergarten and 1st Of Day Of 3rd Grade

Halle posing with Syd on her 1st day of school ever
Halle ready for kindergarten.... Seems like yesterday!

Halle still wanting to pose with her sisters in 3rd grade... Syd still in bed! :)
Ready to roll.... Not all about pictures as you can tell by her hand... But soooo her with the ATTITUDE!!
Every year picture in front of the fireplace....
3rd grade... Getting so big! Halle is in Mrs. Tedder's room this year and so far loves it!! She came home the first day and said she was "Boy Trapped".... I was afraid to ask what that meant but it meant she was sitting between 2 boys, John Patrick and Elian. :) Not sure how disappointed she was about that but it was funny! We are looking forward to a good year! Next year I will have a 4th grader and a kindergartner!! :( Oh my... that's gonna hurt!! Syd missed the cut off this year with an October birthday... She's so smart though she may get to skip right on to 1st grade! ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

BIG Day For Syd

Before the BIG moment.....
First ear...
Right after she got her first ear pierced.... LAUGHING... NOT 1 tear!!!
Showing off the first ear....
2nd ear... Little tensed up....
Still NO tears... I was so PROUD of her!!!! She woke up Thursday and said "I want my ears pierced!" So we waited on Halle to get out of school and took off... before she changed her mind! ;) She LOVES her new earrings and can't wait to change them out like Halle! She has showed everyone! I'm so glad she finally decided to get them pierced and so is she!!!

Halle's 8th Birthday Party At Water Park

As many party goers as I could get to pose for photo
Halle with a few of her friends
Syd and Kaleb
Syd going down the slide for the first time ever.... She really still wasn't tall enough but the lifeguards let her and then bragged at what a good swimmer she was!!
Halle with some more friends enjoying the party
Opening gifts.... She loved them all!!
More gifts...8 is the age when you get to open gifts alone with no friends helping you... LOL
Yay for money!!!
The cake.... She LOVES softball so of course that was the theme this year!
Uncle Brandon Iphone in the way....
My baby is 8!!! ;(
Relaxing enjoying some cake!!..... The life..
Kalee enjoying the party
Carlee too.... they both swam and swam and had a big time!
Halle had a GREAT party!! Most of her friends were able to attend and they all had a blast!

Pine Tree 2010

Syd riding her bike in the kiddie parade
Uncle Brandon license plate idea... Syd and Halle decorated her bike... so cute!
Kalee after she found some money in the saw dust pile
Carlee after she found some money
Uncle Brandon telling them to get in... I about never got it all out of their hair but they sure had fun and made the Nashville News!
Halle singing in the talent show ... Her very first time in front of a crowd... She sang American Honey by Lady Antebellum... She did GREAT!! Sooo proud of her for following through because every year she says she is going to sing and backs out....
Halle on the bungee jump... Syd wasn't all about it
Halle climbing the rock wall... made it to the top several times after getting scared the first time and only going half way... conquered her fear again!!
Halle and Syd on the church float... Carlee and Kalee didn't ride because I figured they might jump off half way down the route... ;)
They still had candy left to throw to Carlee and Kalee :)
Carlee waving to EVERYONE that came by us.... She's a BIG waver!
Kalee getting her some candy
Carlee and Kalee playing on the bounce house
Syd loved her butterfly face painting
Halle and Syd with some friends at the concert
Carlee and Kalee... K in front... riding around during the concert
And Carlee being Vanna White showing off the bike the girls won at the concert.... We NEVER win anything so sooooo proud the girls won the bike... Syd will get to ride first since it's just her size!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kyndall's Birthday Party

Syd's friend Kyndall turned 5 and we enjoyed her pool party! Syd and Kyndall enjoying the pool
Halle jumping
Carlee and Kalee love the water! Carlee saying Cheese...
Carlee and Kalee talking it over with Carson.
I took all 4 girls to Kyndall's birthday party all by myself.... I was either brave or crazy... LOL No really they all love the water and were all soooo good at the party! It is getting easier and easier to do things with them and not NEED help... Help is always welcome and appreciated but I'm glad they are getting bigger and easier! :)

Carlee's Yearly ECHO

Waiting to have ECHO.... happy girl!
Right after ECHO... not so happy! She screamed the entire time.... luckily the girl was really fast!
Waiting to see Dr. Sotomora... She wasn't so sure about taking her shirt off again .....
We were so excited that Dr. Sotomora gave us good news this visit... Carlee's 3rd and final hole in her heart has closed up!!! No more yearly trips to Baptist for ECHOS or trips to see Dr. Sotomora. She had her 5th and final ECHO last Friday.... We love Dr. Sotomora but soooo glad we don't have to see him anymore!