Saturday, August 28, 2010

1st Day Of Kindergarten and 1st Of Day Of 3rd Grade

Halle posing with Syd on her 1st day of school ever
Halle ready for kindergarten.... Seems like yesterday!

Halle still wanting to pose with her sisters in 3rd grade... Syd still in bed! :)
Ready to roll.... Not all about pictures as you can tell by her hand... But soooo her with the ATTITUDE!!
Every year picture in front of the fireplace....
3rd grade... Getting so big! Halle is in Mrs. Tedder's room this year and so far loves it!! She came home the first day and said she was "Boy Trapped".... I was afraid to ask what that meant but it meant she was sitting between 2 boys, John Patrick and Elian. :) Not sure how disappointed she was about that but it was funny! We are looking forward to a good year! Next year I will have a 4th grader and a kindergartner!! :( Oh my... that's gonna hurt!! Syd missed the cut off this year with an October birthday... She's so smart though she may get to skip right on to 1st grade! ;)

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